Nia offered by Blissa Nizzoli at Embody in Sandpoint

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Through Movement We Find Health

Monday& Wednesday 9:00–10:00 am             

$12 to drop in$50 for 5–class pass$95 for 10-class pass

Instructor Nia Brown Belt Blissa Nizzoli. Nia is a cardio–dance workout, a movement practice, and lifestyle based on the intelligent design of the body. Feel free to contact us and visit for more information.



Soul's Journey with Blissa Nizzoli

 Nia ’52 moves playshop’

Exploration in Nia’s 52 Moves

 Instructor Blissa Nizzoli

This class will dive into the fun and simplicity of Nia’s 52 moves as a way to condition the body and the mind, while engaging the emotions and Spirit. We will dance with a variety of music, using simple patterns and repeating themes.

Come, experience fun, playful movement, building new neural pathways, and releasing pent up physical, and emotional tension!

Contact Blissa for more information!




WildCore with Brietta Leader


Exploring the Wilderness of Body & Soul

Tuesday & Friday, 8:30–9:30 am
$12 to drop in$50 for 5–class pass$95 for 10–class pass

WildCore is a blend of choreography, conscious dance, breath-work and belonging. Brietta is building on her foundations of dance technique, 14 years of teaching Nia and Soul Motion, her love for understanding energy and how it moves, the primal threads of dance as prayer and inspiring people to self-heal through movement.

WildCore invites us to listen to the voice of the body, opens the door to intuition and creates a pathway to discover the untamed parts of yourself, while rooted to your core and sourcing from your soul. Open to all levels!



Soul Motion

Soul Motion™

A Conscious Dance Practice

Contact us for upcoming dates

Soul Motion™, designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti, is a mindfulness practice that uses the Body as a doorway into the soul’s flow. This practice has been a very important thread in Brietta’s evolution as a human — she finds the dance floor to be the playground for embodying presence. It is like therapy with no words, only energy and movement, artistry and a sense of dropping in and connecting to the source that lives within each of us.

She has studied, lived, and danced this form since first introduced to it 15 years ago. Over the years she has offered Soul Motion™ in workshops settings in Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Mexico and the Yukon. Graduating from the Leadership Training in March 2014, Brietta continues to embody the practice & offer her experience as a Mentor for 2016 Leadership Apprentices and 2017 Teacher Training.

Soul Motion™ will be offered Sunday January 8th  10:00-11:30 am


“Dance with me in the infinite Pause before the next great inhale that is breathing us all into being.” —Oriah Mountain Dreamer



Dance Conditioning

The Yogini Meets the Dancer

Wednesday, 6:00–7:15 pm
$12 to drop in$50 for 5–class pass

Dance Conditioning is where the Yogini meets the Dancer, with energizing and expressive movements from a blend of dance arts. This class is designed for the more advanced dancer or the one ready to take her dance practice to the next level of technique and conditioning.

The movements are rooted in Jazz/Ballet and Modern Techniques with a fusion of inspiration from Bellydance, African, and Yoga. Brietta loves to challenge her students with movement patterns that increase strength, improve flexibility, and keep the mind sharp and present to the raw expression of the moment.



Dance Technique for Kids offered by Brietta Leader at Embody in Sandpoint

Dance Technique for Kids

Educating and inspiring children to get into their bodies!

Brietta’s classes for kids offers Traditional Dance Technique, Body Awareness, Cross–Brain Patterning exercises, Spacial Awareness, Ancient Art of Dance, Alignment, Choreography, Healthy Expression, and Joy of Being in the Body!

Winter Season 2017 New Session Begins January 12th

This season I have purchased a Ballet Bar, so the students can build a stronger foundation of ballet which supports young dancers in increasing their embodiment of dance technique, increasing strength, flexibility and overall coordination and orientation of body.

I am offering classes in a Winter 6 week sessions beginning January 12 – February 16th and a Spring 8 week session beginning March 2 – April 27th.

Our performance date TBA.

Cost: one time $10 registration fee for all classes

70 minute classes $54 for 6 weeks
14 week session $125

45 & 60 minute classes $50 for 6 weeks
14 week session $110

I offer sibling discounts of $10 off of total!

All Classes will be held at ‘Embody’ Center for the Healing Arts
823 Main St.

Please pre-register by January 8, 2017
by calling 208-304-3143 or e-mailing:


Level 1-2 Jazz/Modern ages 9 – 13 years
3:30-4:40 pm


Creative Dance and Yoga ages 3 & 4
2:15 – 3:00 pm


Beginner Combo Class: Jazz/Ballet/Tap ages 4-6
1:15-2:15 pm

Jazz ages (experienced 5) – 8 years
3:30-4:40 pm





Yoga with Sarah Rusnak

Yoga Series

‘Intro to Forrest Yoga’

Wednesdays 4:00-5:30 pm

*New sessions every 5 weeks

Contact Sarah for more information

Series led by Sarah Rusnak.




Bellydancing with Julie Wise

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Monday, 6:oo–7:30 pm

Thursday, 6:15-7:45

$12 to drop in$50 for 5–class pass

Classes led by Julie Wise. Class is designed for Beginner through Intermediate.