Brietta Leader takes the Reins at Embody!

Brietta Leader, mover and shaker, and creator of WildCore, is taking the reins at Embody! This change will bring fresh energy and expansion to the studio. Former owner Blissa Nizzoli is being guided back to her roots in Northern California, where she will be offering Nia, Shamanic Energy Medicine, and teaching Medicine Wheel classes.  Brietta has been involved in Embody since the beginning, teaching various classes, and workshops, as well as bringing lots of behind-the-scenes energy to make Embody a beautiful, functional space. Brietta has plans to expand the offerings of Embody, increasing classes and adding instructors. She will continue to build community and bring the medicine of movement to Sandpoint and the inland northwest region.  Stop by, or contact Brietta for more information 208.304.3143Dance instructor Brietta Leader